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“I’m already sold on the powder. I’ve found it to be the most user friendly and top performing modern muzzleloader propellant I have ever used. ”


“The litany of features and benefits is quite a list; goodbye to crud, goodbye to corrosion, goodbye to bad shelf life, goodbye to cotton mouth, goodbye to water in your barrel, and goodbye to frozen, cemented breech plugs. Load and shoot, load and shoot… have fun, and enjoy the outdoors.”

Randy Wakeman, Senior Editor, GUNS AND SHOOTING ONLINE

“I just came back from the rifle range and I am really impressed! I have shot Pyrodex, Triple 7, and Pioneer in my Encore and nothing was easier loading or shot more consistent than your powder. I will definitely be using the Blackhorn 209 this year to hunt.”


“Am I going to use it? HECK yes! I absolute LOVE this powder! None of the messy swabbing associated with Triple Se7en is a REALLY big plus in my book! I also like that using heavier bullets really penalizes you VERY little in the velocity department and I think this powder is more suited to heavier bullets. If the non-corrosive part of the powder proves to ring true, and I think it will, this powder is a home run!”


“I killed a great whitetail in Ohio using BLACKHORN 209. This is by far the best powder I have ever used. I have hunted all over the United States and Canada with a muzzleloader for the past 20 years and nothing compares to your powder. It helps improve accuracy and there is no more fouling in the barrel and the cleanup is a breeze. Thanks again for the great product.”


“Thank you. This is the best powder I have ever used. It improves accuracy and hitting power, with no swabbing between shots. I read about your product and figured I would give it a try and I am very glad I did. I have had three of my friends try your product, and all three now use Blackhorn 209. Please keep up the outstanding work.”


“Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love Blackhorn 209. I have called your office and received great customer service and helpful answers to my questions regarding this powder. I recently purchased a .50 caliber muzzleloader, a Traditions Pursuit LT break open, and am using 100 grains of your powder and a Hornady low drag 300 grain SST. This past weekend I killed a nine point whitetail buck at 40 yards,and a red deer doe, which weighed approximately 375 to 400 pounds, at a measured 188 yards. Both of them were one shot kills with obviously a complete pass through on the whitetail and on the red deer with the bullet stopping in the off side hide. I have shot up to 20 shots with this powder with no cleaning and no effects on accuracy. With the groups I am getting at 100 yards and the groups at 200 yards being only slightly larger, this is the powder for me. I tell everyone I know that shoots a muzzleloader and people I don’t know but see looking at muzzleloaders or powders at outdoor stores to buy Blackhorn 209. Thanks for a great product that does what the advertising says it does.”


“I really, really, really like Blackhorn 209 powder. Because of it I am going to keep my TC in-line. I am new to muzzleloading but a lifelong modern rifle shooter. After a year of having to clean after every shot I was ready to get rid of my TC in-line. With Blackhorn I am able to shoot an entire session without cleaning and with no loss in performance. I will never buy those other misrepresented products!”


“I just wanted to tell you guys that you have nailed it right on the head with Blackhorn 209. Great Job.”


“I first heard of your product a few days before muzzleloader season this fall. I drew a late season buck tag, which is a tough draw in North Dakota. I got it just in time for the opening weekend. In and out of a warm pick up into sub zero temps, sweating barrel, ice, walking cornfields full of snow. Nothing could stop the dependability of Blackhorn 209. I had a load in my barrel for over a week and still fired without so much as a hiccup. One pull of a 50 cal bore snake and it’s clean. No more rotten egg smell from Pyrodex and no cleaning my gun in the bathtub! Your powder makes all others obsolete. THANK YOU!”


“Just wanted to let you know I got a chance to shoot some of my Martini Henry brass with your Blackhorn 209 last weekend and it was just awesome!!! The recoil was totally reasonable and the smoke was just right and the gun was deadly accurate and the cleanup at the end was incredible!! I can’t believe it. It was the first time that I have ever shot 50 rounds through that gun and only had to run 3 cleaning patches down the barrel before it was clean! Oh and the cases were great too. I just threw them in the brass tumbler for a few hours and they were ready to go again instead of the laborious process of hand cleaning each case I usually have to go through with the traditional black powder loads! I’m a total convert! I’ll never reload my 577-450 Martini-Henry rounds with anything but Blackhorn 209 again!”


“I always read customer product reviews but had never taken the time to write until now. This time, I simply had to! Recently after yet another frustrating day at the range using 777 Regular Pellets, 777 Magnum Pellets and even the new IMR White Hots along with a variety of primers and bullet combinations I was ready to sell my scoped TC ProHunter .50 Cal. I was also resigned to accept the irregular 3″ – 5” groups from my Knight Disc Extreme .50 as being “good enough” for muzzleloading. The Knight is equipped with a 1.5 x 6 Schmidt Bender and the TC with a 3 x 9 Trijicon Post, both professionally mounted so I knew it was not the optics …or the shooter. After reading about your product I bought some and it was off to the range yesterday with both guns and a supply of Blackhorn 209, CCI ShotShell Primers, Harvester Crush-Ribbed Black Sabots and the Winchester Silver Supreme 260 Gr .45 Bullet; along with a supply of the Hornady XTP 300 Gr .45 for what I hoped would be some sort of improved results. The first shot at 100 yards from a rest and the clean TC with the 260 Gr & 110 units of Blackhorn 209 was 4″ high and 2″ left. Out of habit a single dry patch was run in & out of the barrel. Next shot with 120 units of powder was 2.75″ high and 1″ left. Decided not to patch for the next shot and to my dismay it missed the paper …or so I thought. A single dry patch was run in and out and the next shot also appeared to miss the target – “here we go again” so I set up the spotting scope and yes …my “ready to be sold” TC had grouped the 3 shots into a single less than dime-sized hole! Adjusted the scope 3 clicks down & 3 right, fired two more shots with the 260 grain Winchester, same procedures and same result at 2″ high and dead center! Then fired 3 shots with the Hornady 300 grain all within a quarter-sized hole dead center and right on target! Similar results were obtained with the Knight and with each, better yet …no “crud rings” no more difficulty in loading and no stuck ramrod when patching too close to the breach plug! Blackhorn 209 performs as advertised and as rated in numerous customer reviews. As there is no need for further experiments …I gave my supply of 777 & White Hots to another shooter to “enjoy” as he cannot use your product in his gun. After observing the results I achieved he is planning on a new gun. As for me, I leave in December for the Missouri Black Powder season equipped with an abundance of confidence. Thank you for the great product!”


“I have been out shooting your Blackhorn 209 powder out of my TC Encore .50 cal, inline muzzleloader and I am very impressed with how well it groups. I shot my best group ever with your powder.”


“My hat is off to you! Your company has designed the most awesome powder I have ever used in a muzzleloader. With other powders I could not achieve a group smaller than three inches at 50 yards. The first time that I used Blackhorn 209, I was literally stacking the shots on top of each other. I have spent hundreds of dollars & countless hours trying to get the accuracy that I know a T/C muzzleloader is capable of. The Blackhorn 209 powder has made that possible for me now. I shot the gun 12 times without cleaning between shots and was amazed at the accuracy that I now have. I shot two groups at 50 yards using the exact same point of hold that could be covered with a quarter. I am totally sold on the product, and will recommend it to everyone. Thanks for your time.”


“I just tried your powder and I have to say I’m impressed. It didn’t foul up the barrel like the Pyrodex pellets usually do. I shot my T.C. 12 times to see if your claims were true, and it only took 5 patches and the barrel was clean , unlike 10 patches or so with the Pyrodex pellets. Thanks for a wonderful product!”


“I got into muzzleloading within the last six months and Blackhorn 209 is the only powder I have used. I read all the reviews, compared the data, and choosing your product was a no-brainer. I have been completely impressed with the power, ease of cleaning, burn cleanliness, and consistency of your powder. The cost is a little high but is justified in my opinion due to the superiority of your product over all others on the market. My T/C Encore Endeavor LOVES your powder and I am extremely confident and comfortable taking shots during hunting and also showing off at the range. You’ve got a customer for life!!!”


“I just wanted to help get the word out about your product. I have been using the “pellets” for 3 years and could not get any consistency even at 50 yds. I was ready to throw in the towel with muzzleloaders. A clerk at my local sporting goods recommended your Blackhorn 209 powder. I bought it along with several brands of 250 grain bullets. All the bullets shot consistent groups but for my rifle, but the Hornady SST/ML were just evil. I started at 100 yds and had a 1″ group. I replicated that 4 more times without swabbing the barrel, so 12 shots no breaking the rifle down to clean it, no crud ring at the bottom of the barrel. My daughter was spotting for me and she wanted to see what it would do further out. We moved the target out to 150 yds. The groups stayed tight with the biggest being just under 2″. We shot 4 more groups of 3 shots and never cleaned the barrel, so 24 shots no cleaning. For the FIRST time I have confidence hunting with a muzzleloader rifle. As long as I do my part, I know with the Blackhorn in the rifle the deer are in trouble. Thanks for providing such a great product!!!”


“Thanks for the help. At 100 yards I was shooting 1 inch high. I shot 3 times with 2 almost touching and the 3rd was a inch to the left. I was at a local gun range and several other people sighting in their guns stopped to watch me shoot and they were very impressed. I was asked if it was in the gun and I replied no it was the new Blackhorn 209 powder I was shooting. Cleanup – wow how easy. I am not downing 777 because I have used it for several years but after what I saw today, Blackhorn 209 is the way to go. I have emailed you several times with questions and you have e-mailed me back. Thanks”


“After doing some research on your product, Blackhorn209, I am very interested. I am in a wheelchair and using a muzzleloader is sometimes not the easiest. I really like the idea of being able to shoot multiple rounds between swabbing the barrel.”


“I had read all the advertising regarding your Blackhorn 209 powder. So it was with a wink and a nod that I bought a can from my local dealer. I was trying out a new muzzleloader and sabot combination and figured I might as well try a new powder too. After 40 rounds and one swabbing of the bore at #15, I had 10 shot, 1 1/4 inch group. I am a convert. The best powder in muzzleloading is now an understatement. My first sabot went down like a greased oyster and each time I reloaded it got sweeter and sweeter. After 30 rounds and not cleaning for the last 15, I shot for a group at 100 yds. Ten rounds later I had the results mentioned above. No noticeable smoke, great velocity, constant from shot to shot. HOLY COW, great product. I will NEVER use another powder again.”


“Gentlemen, I am impressed. I am 71 years old, & let’s face it, I don’t shoot as good as I once did. The first thing I noticed about your powder was the lack of recoil. I shot a 100 gr of yours & it felt like 80 gr of the so-called best brand. Also I didn’t notice hardly any smoke. At 100 yards I fired 3 shots from my Encore, & they would easily fit inside a silver dollar. Clean up took two dry patches, one wet patch, oiled the inside of the barrel & I was done. Thanks for a good product.”


“First, I would like to say THANK YOU for developing and marketing Blackhorn 209 powder! It is the best BP substitute I have ever tried. In the past I have shot Pyrodex, T7, Clean Shot, Clear Shot, Black Mag, and now there is finally a powder that lives up to the claims. I am on my 3rd jug of the powder and I am very pleased. Thanks again for a great product!”


“I finally got the Cabela’s 209 conversion kit ( Mfg. by Precision Rifle) installed in my Remington 700ML. Loaded it up with 80 grs of Blackhorn 209, went out and fired it and it worked “GREAT”. Fired two more rounds and then went to the cleaning task , and just as I’ve been told it was easy ,5 patches . So I’ll be using Blackhorn 209 all the time. Thanks for your advice”


“I wanted to thank you for your new Blackhorn 209 powder. I just returned from Colorado on a muzzleloader elk hunt. The powder worked perfect and as promised. I killed a nice 5-point bull with one shot at 156 yards with my Omega. Your technician, Don was very helpful with his loading data and advice. I can’t think of a thing that you could do to improve the performance of Blackhorn 209. It burns clean, is easy to reload, no cleaning between shots, fast, and very accurate.”

John H

“I bought two cans mail order and am glad I did. My muzzleloader was virtually useless as I got a severe crud ring using Pyrodex, Triple 7, and even real black powder. It was so bad I could not load a second shot and even broke my range rod trying to run a patch through the bore. Not so with Blackhorn 209. I shot 16 shots in a row without swabbing. Great stuff – your product saved me from trashing my muzzleloader.”

Bob Kingsbury

“Just wanted to let you know I used your product today for the first time and it is too good to be true. Better groups, easy clean up, and shot after shot no cleaning and consistent accuracy. Less smoke then other powders, better ballistics, cheaper to shoot then pellets, better in hunting conditions, better on the range, and overall better. I appreciate you making such an unreal thing in muzzleloading a realistic thing today…BLACKHORN 209!!! This powder will only have good things to offer both shooters and people at the range. As a teacher I do not have the money to buy every new thing that comes out but this seems too good to be true. To be honest I thought this would be a product similar to 777 as far as cleanup goes. This powder is in a league all to its own. You should know I would market your product as precision muzzle loading powder because that is what it is. If you every need any field reps call me anytime. Bullet hole to bullet hole groups at 100 yards and one inch groups at 150…I have never had consistent groups like this with other powders.”


“I would like to let you know I tried your Blackhorn 209 powder today. I have been shooting black powder rifles for over 35 years. This product is the best powder I have ever shot in my in-line rifles. The groups and easy loading was amazing. The rifle’s cleaned up easy. Excellent product – I am buying more because now it’s fun to shoot again thanks to Blackhorn 209. All I need now is a hat with Blackhorn 209 written on it to wear to the range. Good shooting”


“Just bought my first two cans of your Blackhorn 209 powder. I’m using it in a Knight Long Range Hunter I’ve had for a couple of years after having used Triple 7 & Shockey’s Gold. All I would like to say is that powder of yours is some darn good stuff. Thanks for a great product.”


“I just started shooting your Blackhorn 209 powder. AMAZING. I shoot a Knight Super 45 with the Powerbelt Platinum 223g. I am really impressed with this powder and the ease of use. Thanks for a great product.”