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Nothing effects the performance of your muzzleloader more than the breech plug. When you are using a high performance powder like Blackhorn 209, it is very important that your breech plug be as clean as possible. Normal use leads to primer fouling buildup in the flash channel. This fouling is extremely hard and can lead to poor accuracy, misfires, and hangfires. Primer residue cannot be adequately removed with a brush, pick or pipe cleaner so we recommend a thorough and regular cleaning of the breech plug before using Blackhorn 209. The use of a drill bit assures a perfectly cylindrical flash channel, which promotes a consistent ignition and better overall accuracy. Be sure you use the correct diameter drill bit for your breech plug and DO NOT remove any metal from the breech plug during the cleaning process.

The following cleaning procedures will ensure your muzzleloader performs at its best when using Blackhorn 209.

  1. Insert a drill bit suitably-sized to fit the flash channel and GENTLY TURN BY HAND to remove excess fouling/buildup.
  2. Use a torch tip cleaner of the appropriate size to clean the flash hole.
  3. Use solvent to remove any remaining residue (we recommend Blackhorn 209 Cleaning Solvent by Montana X-Treme).
  4. Dry with compressed air or ensure the flash channel and flash hole are completely dry before use.


  • T/C, Traditions. CVA using the Blackhorn breech plug and most Knight breech plugs use a 1/8″ drill bit
  • For the CVA non-quick release breech plug (REQUIRING A TOOL TO REMOVE) use a #32 drill bit. Numbered drill bits are machinist bits and can be found at various online supply houses like ENCO, or search “numbered drill bits” for more