What is happening in Nevada?

The Nevada Department of Wildlife will be meeting in Reno on December 6 and 7, 2013 to review current game laws. One of the petitions before them will concern the legalization of Blackhorn 209 for use during Nevada's muzzleloading season.

In September of 2011, the Board of Wildlife Commissioners specifically banned Blackhorn 209 because it was based on Nitrated Ester, which they believe made it a smokeless powder. This conclusion overlooked the simple fact that the powder base does not determine a powder's classification. It is the powder's burn characteristics.

Blackhorn 209 is recognized in the United States and internationally as a black powder substitute with the same burn characteristics as Triple 7 and Pyrodex. As such, it should be included in the list of legal powders for Nevada's muzzleloader season.

We are asking you to help Nevada residents win the right to use Blackhorn 209. Nevada resident Travis Bertrand is gathering comments and letters of support to submit to the Board of Wildlife Commissioners along with his petition for legalization.

Send your letter of support to Travis at the link below:


The Facts about Blackhorn 209

1. What is Blackhorn 209?

Blackhorn 209 is a safe, clean granular propellant designed to be loaded volumetrically in the same manner as black powder in muzzleloaders with 209 ignition systems. Blackhorn 209 is also suitable for black powder cartridges.

2. Is Blackhorn 209 is a smokeless powder?

NO. The regulatory authorities who determine the classification of energetic materials - The Explosives Bureau, U.S. D.O.T. and Canadian Energy Research Laboratories - have all determined the classification of Blackhorn 209 to be US/UN PROPELLANT, SOLID, UN0499. Smokeless powders are classified as POWDER, SMOKELESS, UN0161.

  • Blackhorn 209 shares the same legal classification (Propellant, Solid, UN0499) as all black powder substitutes, Triple 7, Pyrodex, American Pioneer, Shockey's Gold and GOEX Pinnacle.
  • Blackhorn 209 has been engineered to be loaded volumetrically in the same manner as black powder. Unlike Blackhorn 209, Smokeless Powders are designed for centerfire rifle, handgun and shotshell applications. Typical volumetric loads for black powder or Blackhorn 209 would be extremely dangerous with Smokeless Powder.
  • Blackhorn 209 has been designed and engineered to provide performance characteristics similar to black powder and is distinctly different than Smokeless Powder. Smokeless Powders are not designed and should never be used in general muzzleloading applications in a volumetric equivalent manner. CHART A indicates peak pressure at equal charge volumes. chart
  • Smokeless Powders are designed for high-powered centerfire rifle, handgun and shotshell. Smokeless Powders ARE NOT designed to be loaded volumetrically equivalent to black powder in muzzleloaders. Loading ANY Smokeless Powder volumetrically in the same manner as black powder or Blackhorn 209 in a muzzleloader can reach devastating and dangerous pressure levels (as indicated in CHART B). chart


  • Blackhorn 209 is a muzzleloading propellant designed to be loaded volumetrically in the same manner as black powder in modern inline muzzleloaders with a 209 ignition system.
  • Blackhorn 209 is not a Smokeless Powder. Blackhorn 209 is classified as propellant solid, not as Smokeless Powder.
  • Blackhorn 209 and Black Powder are not suitable propellants for modern cartridges.